What’s in the mail?

by Hans

Yay, the past couple of months feel like christmas! I got another contributor’s …

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‘Held’ Nominated for Best Serious Game!

by Hans

So remember that I posted back in February that I had just finished …

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Geboortekaartje LOT klein_01

Backlog Blog starting now…

by Hans

OK, so I’ve been really busy the last 14 months or so and …

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Plaatje 5

Project Era revisited

by Hans

You know, as I was digging through the files on my computer I …

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Whats in the mail?

by Hans

So today in “What’s in the mail?” I just received my copy of …

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What’s in the mail?

by Hans

Today I got a whole box filled with goodies, cards and books for …

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Goodbye Nijmegen, Hello Kerkrade

by Hans

It’s been a hectic time these last couple of weeks. But we’re finally …

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MSF Medicin Without Borders commission for MapSwipe

by Hans

Heya! Through my good friend Pim de Witte I got to design about …

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What’s in the mail?

by Hans

Wow, I always like getting these contributor copies and then this one came …

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Header illustration_Get Wrecked

New >SplasH< for Get Wrecked!

by Hans

Jo, so I just finished this promotional piece for Get Wrecked and eventhough …

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